The trident was the symbol of the Rurikid Dynasty in Rus Kievan Rus: Links The trident was the symbol of the Rurikid Dynasty in Rus

The following are links to webpages that have information about Ancient Rus, its neighbors and the time period in general.

Ancient Rus
Rus History
Facts About Kievan Rus
Kievan Rus in the Pre-Christian Era
The Varangian Theory
The Rus & the Polianians
Russian & Kievan Culture & Language
Kievan Rus Under Vladimir & Yaroslav
A Great Overview of Rus around 1036 (Concentrating on Novgorod)
Golden Age of Kiev
Inquiry Into a Scandinavian Homeland For the Rus
Monastic Medicine in Kievan Rus and Early Muscovy
Kievan Rus
Kievan Rus
Slavery in Kievan Rus
Lemkivshchyna -- A Ukrainian Ethnic Group
The Vepsa - history, culture and ethnic features
Kievan Rus
Kievan Rus
Kievan Rus
Kievska Rus
My Ukraine: Kiev Kyiv History Will Reveal Bygone Secrets
The Golden Age of Kiev

Chronology of Russian History
Another Chronology of Russian History
Early Russian History
Early Russian History Timeline
The Face of Russia: Timeline
Timeline of Russian History
Russian History Before 1800 (Table of Contents)
A Brief History of Medieval Russia
Timeline of Russian History
Russian History Events: Khazars and Bulgars
Medieval Russia Links and Research
Staraia Ladoga
Russia Glossary
Russian Gay History
RUSSIA: A Country Study

History of Ukraine
Ukrainian History: Chronological Table
BRAMA - History of Ukraine: Chronologically Synchronized Tables
A Brief History of Ukraine
Abridged History of Ukraine
Ukraine Trek
General Facts About Ukraine
Welcome to Ukraine

Key dates in the history of Belarus
History of Belarus
Coats of Arms of Belarusan Houses
Primordial Belarus - from Forest Tribes to the Decline of Polatsk
Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church: 988-1385: Early Development

Cities & Places
Paul Goldschmidt's Dictionary of Period Russian Names - List of Cities
Another Kyiv
Golden Gates of Kyiv
Legend of the Founding of Kiev 482AD
Kyiv City Guide
Andriyivsky Uzviz (The Main Street In Kiev)
Kyiv - Capital of Ukraine
History of Kiev
On-Line Novgorod History
Life in 13th Century Novgorod
Old Novgorod Birch Bark Writings
Kherson Archaelogical Dig
Brest Through Centuries
Brest History

Medieval Sourcebook: The Chronicle of Nestor
Medieval Sourcebook: The Novgorod Chronicle: Selected Annals
The Radziwell Chronicle

The House of Rurik (Family Tree)
Rurik Family Trees
Grand Princes of Kiev
Medieval Russian Rulers
Focus on philately: The founding family of Kyivan Rus'
Princess Olga
Christening of Princess Olga
Olga's Vengeance
Revenge of Olga
Princess Olga
Grand Prince Vladimir and the Conversion of Russia, according to the Chronicle of Nestor
Yaroslav the Wise
Ancestors of Yaroslav the Wise (Family Tree)
Yaroslav the Wise's Grave
Princess Anna
The Sword of Monomakh

Modern Customs & Ancient Laws of Russia (Lecture 1)
Modern Customs & Ancient Laws of Russia (Lecture 2)
Modern Customs & Ancient Laws of Russia (Lecture 3)
Modern Customs & Ancient Laws of Russia (Lecture 4)
Law Codes of the Kievan Rus
Translations of the Laws of Rus
Russkaya Pravda
Ruskaia Pravda

Russian Orthodox church: early history and art
Vikings and the Lavra Monastery
The Calendar of the Orthodox Church
Greek Orthodox Saints Days Calendar
Lists of Russian Saints and Feasts
Russian Icon Index
The Orthodox Church and its Icons
The Russian Church: An Overview
The Missionary Journeys of Sts. Cyril and Methodius
Metropolitan Hilarion, Sermon on Law and Grace
Introduction to Znamenny Chant
Russian Orthodox Church: Early History & Art
Overview Of World Religions - Eastern Christianity
Encyclopedia Mythica
Dazhdbog in Russian Mythology
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga: The Black Goddess
Lists of Russian Pagan Gods
From Slavic Mysteries to Contemporary PSI Research & Back
The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Mythology (Includes Norse Mythology)

Folk Tales
Ilya Murometz
Russian & Ukrainian Folk Tales
Russian Fairy Tales
Pictures from Russian Fairy Tales
More about Russian Folk Tales
The Firebird and Other Tales

Dictionary of Period Russian Names
Russian Names
Russian Personal Names: Name Frequency in the Novgorod Birch-Bark Letters
Russian Names and Nicknames
Russian Names
Index of Grammatical First Elements & Themes

Ukrainian National Costume As A Witness Of The Past
Traditional Ukrainian Costumes
Ukraine Culture 102 in Photos: Ukrainian Dress, Ukrainian Eggs
Medieval Russian Armor
Women's Clothing in Kievan Rus
Medieval Russia -- Dress -- Men
Information on Russian Clothing
A Quick and Dirty Look at Viking Women's Garb in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries
Novgorod Clothing
Headdress Notes
Traditional Russian clothing
Birka Traders Jewelery Catalog (Search on Rus)

Historic Maps of Ukraine (English language maps near bottom of page)
Historical Atlas of Ukraine
Map Eastern Europe Circa 1015
Map of Russia
Map of Ukraine
Ukrainian Map Server
Map of Ukraine
Ukraine (Lonely Planet)
Map of Belarus
Maps of Khazaria
Mongols: Ghengis to Kublai Khan - The Maps
Map of the Viking World
Viking Routes
Viking Maps
Map of Lithuania
Map of Latvia
Map of Estonia
Maps of Chernigov
Constantinople Maps
10th Century Byzantium Map

Viking Answer Lady
What are some facts about Vikings?
Vikings and Scandinavian History
The Vikings in Russia
Causes of Viking Expansionism
History of Medieval Greenland and associated places
Among the Norse Tribes: The Remarkable Account of Ibn Fadlan
Archaeological Finds of Ninth- and Tenth-Century Viking Foodstuffs
The Gripping History of Glima
Did the Vikings Make a Telescope?

NetSerf: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
Plagues & Epidemics
Personal Care
A Medieval Wedding
Birth Control
A Beginnerís Guide to Medieval Cooking
A Guide to Mead
Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages
The Complete Herbal
Glossary of Terms (Kozaks)
The Online Guide to Traditional Games: History and Useful Information
The Origins of Chess
Internet Medieval Sourcebook

City History (Constantinople)
Byzantine Studies on the Internet
Byzantine Empire (Lots of Graphics)
A Byzantine Treaty of 911
Byzantine emperors
Roman Emperors
Bishops/Patriarchs of Constantinople
The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
Timeline of Costume History: Byzantium

South & East
The Khazar Heritage
Khazarian Info Center
The Urals & Eastern Russian Plain
The Armenian Enlightenment Chronicle
Fact Sheet: Armenia
Volga Bulgaria
Islamic Coin Hoards and the Trade Routes: How Dirham Reached the North
Pechenegs (850-1122 AD)
Russia's Periphery: Pechenegs
The Origins of the Polovtsy
Oghuz Turks
Turkmenistan History

The Origins of the Grand Duchy of Litva (Lithuania)
Cultural Timeline: The Period of Formation of the Lithuanian State
History of Lithuania
Latvian Mythology
Lithuanian Folk Tales
The Baltics: Nationalities and Other Problems

Eastern Europe
East European History: The Birth of Nation States: 10th-13th Centuries
Two Thousand Years of the Modern Era in Eastern Europe (Part 1)
Two Thousand Years of the Modern Era in Eastern Europe (Part 2)
The Very Concise Timeline of Poland
Czech Legends
How It All Began (Czech)
Croatia -- Historical & Cultural Overview
Hungarian Clothes & Dress

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